Company History

Strategic Advantage* was originally founded over 25 years ago as a Total Quality Management training firm in Memphis, seeking to improve the global competitiveness of North American companies. Specializing in material handling solutions, we were asked by our clients to help them understand the confusing pricing practices of the corrugated packaging industry.

Over time, this led to the development of our proprietary software, the first tool ever developed to analyze corrugated packing costs and reveal suppliers’ markup margins. In the past, only packaging suppliers had access to this information. Our first Corrugated Cost Savings product was released as a CD software disk to allow our clients the ability, for themselves, to unlock the pricing secrets for corrugated packaging.

The software sold well, putting this information in the hands of box buyers. However, in time, it was evident that something was missing. Buyers were calling us with compliments on how easy it was to see the savings potential. They then would say, “We see the savings, but how do we go about actually getting it?

This became a “lightbulb” moment as we realized that just seeing the savings was not enough. We needed to develop a method that would eliminate the adversarial atmosphere that often existed between packaging buyers and sellers. The question was, “How could we bring buyer and seller together in a win-win relationship?”

The answer was to help the box buyer in their negotiation with sellers. To do this, we combined the power of Harvard Law School’s expert negotiation techniques with our own years of packaging industry experience to reduce costs and waste, while supporting their sellers with a reasonable profit opportunity. This was the beginning of a win-win proposition for corrugated buyers and sellers.

Altogether, a breakthrough solution was developed: The BoxPrice Method.

*The BoxPrice Method is a product of Strategic Advantage, Inc. (SAI)