How does Strategic Advantage* calculate the paper cost for each corrugated box?

Strategic Advantage developed proprietary software that reverse engineers every corrugated piece. The box style, strength and size is converted to a corrugated sheet size. The corrugated sheet size, flute and strength is converted to both liner and medium paper quantities. The paper costs for each of those paper quantities is then calculated using the open market paper cost for both the liner and medium.

How does Strategic Advantage determine the price that I should be paying for my corrugated packaging?

Once the paper cost is calculated for each of your packaging items, our experts estimate the best-in-class pricing for the quantities that you purchase. We know the margin necessary for corrugated companies to remain profitable, and we look for win-win pricing that allows healthy business for your supplier while maximizing your bottom line.

What can Strategic Advantage do to lower our costs that we can’t do ourselves?

Strategic Advantage can determine what the open market values are for your current spends. By comparing the open market value to your spend value, we can quickly estimate your potential savings. Our team of packaging professionals has a combined 60+ years of corrugated industry experience, and we can quickly determine best-in-class pricing for your spend.

Can Strategic Advantage provide proforma savings analysis for Private Equity firms who are looking for packaging cost analysis on their prospective portfolio acquisition?

Yes. A proforma survey works just like a live survey. The live survey analysis is verified through actual supplier invoices which are compared to client data. This verification step is often not available for the proforma survey.

How was The BoxPrice Method developed?

The reason The BoxPrice Method was developed was to eliminate the widespread adversarial relationship between box buyer and box seller. The method itself is a two-part process. (1)- Using proprietary software to detect excessive price levels and (2)- having trained “PON” professionals excite qualified suppliers to want to participate in developing a win-win pricing solution.

Can Strategic Advantage provide other assistance to a client, in addition to cost savings?

Yes. In the 15 year history of the BoxPrice Method, many clients connect with us to receive our periodic updates on packaging price trends. We also have a help-desk resource to answer questions on pricing.

Does Strategic Advantage offer subscription products for clients who want to keep a continuing watch on new designs and oversight to maintain existing price levels?

Yes. Clients can subscribe to several available services from a one-question inquiry to unlimited evaluations of current pricing.

How quickly can the cycle of survey and savings be accomplished?

Once all SKU detail has been verified, our team can provide potential cost savings summary within one week or less. Our proprietary software analysis tools makes this possible.

How long will a client be able to maintain the savings that Strategic Advantage has created for them?

We suggest that once a supplier has been selected (including incumbent suppliers), that a multiyear agreement be adopted which includes the established price level.

What can Strategic Advantage do to lower our costs that we cannot do ourselves?

Client buyers are often busy with larger spends than packaging. Strategic Advantage accepts all responsibility for capturing savings. Our team members are experts in packaging pricing. With those skills and our price project technology, we can shorten the evaluation cycle, establish a firm savings target and conclude the process without interrupting a buyer’s other duties.

How does Strategic Advantage determine the cost savings a client should be receiving?

Each client’s packaging spend is unique. With powerful analytic tools, and our experience with suppliers all over North America, we look at price spread elements of msf, tons, and category spends to establish what should be the pricing “sweet spot” for each client.

How does Strategic Advantage differ from other consultants claiming to find box savings?

Most other consultants do not have a 15 year history of successful savings experience. No other consultant has Strategic Advantage’s “NightVision” analytic tools to take the guess work out of finding the savings.

What are the factors that drive corrugated packaging costs?

There are three primary factors: (1) commodity pricing of linerboard roll stock; (2) the qualifications of the supplier providing the packaging to the client; (3) the complexity of the packaging the client’s packaging spend.

*The BoxPrice Method is a product of Strategic Advantage, Inc. (SAI)