What’s our solution to these higher costs?

The BoxPrice Method. We know what you should be paying – and now, so can you.TM

The BoxPrice Method has two powerful strategies:

Define the Savings

  • Accurate and efficient analysis of your corrugated spending.
  • Compare your spending to best of category pricing using our proprietary NightVision Software.
  • The results? Quickly and accurately calculate what you could be paying.

Capture the Savings

  • If you are satisfied with our savings estimate, you authorize us to meet or exceed our target.
  • Our team of Negotiation Specialists combine expert skills and intimate knowledge of the packaging industry to reduce costs and waste without sacrificing quality products or efficiency.
  • When we start negotiation, our first hope is that the incumbent supplier(s) will still want your business (if you want them). Then we invite several other suppliers who have been carefully screened to your exact needs. You may even suggest non-incumbents who have impressed you as quality suppliers.
  • We have followed this process (with technology improvements) for over a decade. When a client has accepted our savings target, we have never failed to meet or exceed the target.

NightVision Software

Introducing our proprietary software, NightVision

  • Analyzes corrugated packaging costs
  • Reveals suppliers’ markup margins
  • First tool of its kind ever developed
  • Now you’ll know what you should be paying for your corrugated packaging

Why do we call it NightVision? Because no one else knows how to see your hidden savings potential.

NightVision Graph What Do You Know About Supplier Markups?


Knowing what you should be paying is the first challenge. But how do you get those prices?

Our team of Negotiation Specialists combine Harvard Law School expert negotiation skills and Intimate knowledge of the packaging industry.


  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced waste
  • Quality products
  • Greater efficiency

Our breakthrough negotiating method has completely reversed the buyer-supplier relationship dynamic. How?

Before the BoxPrice Method After The BoxPrice Method
Before the BoxPrice Method

Box buyers only had a few ways to know if they were buying at the best prices

  • Get price quotes
  • Engage in reverse auctions with large front-end costs

The problem?

  • Box suppliers are wise to these tactics
  • They have a variety of strategies to defeat them
  • Box buyers and box suppliers developed an adversarial relationship
After The BoxPrice Method

Buyers and suppliers come together in a win-win relationship – savings for buyers and reasonable profits for suppliers

All the obstacles between buyers and suppliers are removed

Your company is more globally competitive with lower costs

Our results have been successful in a wide variety of business categories all over the country

Sustainable Packaging

Want even further savings? Go green!

What’s your Sustainability Score?
  • We review your existing SKUs
  • A precise measurement of their Paper-FootprintSM creates a path to build a Sustainability Score
The result?
  • More efficient packaging
  • Reduce your paper usage without sacrificing performance
It’s a win-win!
  • Save money
  • Sustain the planet at the same time

Don’t underestimate the benefits of ‘going green’ with sustainable packaging!