The Problem

Corrugated paper and packaging costs are higher. Why?

Suppliers consolidated

  • Consolidation reached a tipping point in early 2008
    International Paper said on Monday that it had agreed to acquire Weyerhaeuser’s packaging business for $6 billion to become North America’s largest maker of corrugated boxes.” [The New York Times – 03/18/2008]
  • The number of companies managing production has decreased
  • Since 2008 the number of plants has declined nearly 12%
  • Paper mills have perfected scheduled mill downtime to control supply

The result

  • Paper prices increased
    The …(AICC) in a press release today blasted the third announced North American containerboard price increases as an "unnecessary burden" on independent converters and box customers.” [PPI Pulp & Paper - 07/14/2010]
  • Packaging prices increased and exceeded the increased cost of the raw materials
  • Packaging converters increased their margins
  • Box buyers work to reduce prices by using “blind” bid requests without access to costs

What does this mean?

  • Over 90% of companies using corrugated packaging are overpaying by as much as 30%
  • Higher costs mean American companies struggle to remain globally competitive

But Can your Company Change This?

  • Read on to see how we help companies get lower prices while supporting their suppliers

Who do we help with this problem?

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